Top 10 Innovative Jobs in Dubai

Sales Executive job in Dubai 2023

 Top 10 Innovative Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s jobs market is one of the best in the World. You can find a variety of job opportunities and can explore multiple career paths in terms of freelancing, internships, or full-time jobs.

Here are the top 10 in-demand creative jobs in Dubai 2023.Top 10 Innovative Jobs in Dubai1. Teaching English and arts

If you are fluent in English and Arabic, then you can become a teacher in any training center, school, and university in Dubai. As teachers are in demand in Dubai, and there are more chances of getting satisfactory pay through teaching.

 If you are good at arts, you can continue your career as an art teacher through art councils and exhibitions, teaching students online, or through some exciting platforms.

 2. Art directors

Being an art director can open the door to exciting opportunities for you as Dubai needs art directors in various fields like art exhibitions, art councils, and other social events. Top companies in Dubai are also in need of art directors like PUBLIC ONE TOUCH, Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Burnett, etc. You can continue it as a freelancer if you are good at it.

 Top 10 Innovative Jobs in Dubai 3. Photography and Videography

One of the in-demand creative jobs in Dubai is photography and videography. You can start your photography business or you can carry on photography through freelancing.

As there are many worth capturing places and events in this deserted country like Dubai media city, Dubai museum, Deira, and Fujairah creative city.

 You can follow and observe professional and well-known artists and companies already in this field. You can also enroll yourself in the training centers. 

4. Developers

Due to the exciting need and success of gaming applications, game developers are in demand. So, you can land a job in Dubai as a game developer. You can do apps and game development for your ideal customers and also for the ideal companies. You can make your profile on Up-Work, Fiverr, and LinkedIn.

5. Designers

One of the best places to learn and grow a career as a fashion designer is Dubai, as Dubai is the fashion hub. You can follow well-known fashion designers like Rami Al Ali, Michael Cinco, and Tamara Al Gabbani for guidance.

You can learn and observe middle eastern culture and start growing as a fashion designer.

6. Makeup artists

You can become a makeup artist as these are in high demand in Dubai. You can get your license issued by the Department of Economic Development. You can learn makeup artistry by doing courses as TMI is a professional artistry course.

You can become a professional makeup artist like Michel Kiwarkis, Gianluca Casu, Kasia Gajewska, and others.

7. Journalists and writers

There is a massive scope of journalists and writers in Dubai, you can pursue your dreams as a creative writer, content writer, copywriter, journalist, story writer, and many others.

You can start your journey by reading books and taking help from libraries. This is a profession that you can earn from your home online.

8. Web developers

Many companies and firms are constantly in demand of web developers. If you are good at web development or if you are thinking to learn such a skill, then go for it, as it is a highly-paid job. You can do web development for companies and can also continue it through online platforms by making your profile.

9. Marketing Professionals

Marketing is always in demand, not only in Dubai but also internationally. Because almost every business, brand, company, course, or department needs a marketing professional to bring an audience.

If you are a marketing professional then you can make high income through various ways not only in Dubai but also internationally.

10. Architects designers

Dubai is always in need of architects and interior designers because of the countless construction projects. Many projects need expertise interior designers and architects.

There are plenty of career opportunities for architects as Dubai is always ready to stun the World with its amazing buildings.

Top 10 Innovative Jobs in Dubai

11. Content Creator

The social media World is always hungry for creative content creators. If you are the one, then you also have high opportunities in Dubai 2023, whether you are a vlogger, blogger, podcaster, or other. You can carry your career in the social media world.

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