Video Production is Key for Viral Marketing in New York City


Videos are an inescapable element in everyone’s life now. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, video hosting sites, and streaming platforms, you could say that video production is in a golden age. New York City has always been on the cutting-edge of media, which makes it a great place for website video production. Thousands of TV shows and films have been made over the years in the Big Apple. It makes sense that the evolution to web-based entertainment would include NYC video production.

There are big differences between making a TV show or movie and producing videos for the internet. However, the basic principles of the media are the same – to reach as many people as possible with a message. TV shows and movies made in New York City or Hollywood are often multi-million-dollar projects that employ hundreds or even thousands of people. Video production can be done for pennies by one person with a laptop or decent smartphone. And that is the genius of website video production, anyone can do it and not for a ton of money.

While the democratization of video media is amazing, it does come with a caveat. Anyone can make a video with their phone, but it may take professionals with the best equipment to make it look great. Face it; a lot of the self-produced videos on the internet still look homemade. If you are serious about your content, you want it to look and sound its best. Often the best results for quality content come out of professional NYC video production studios. 

Even popular social media influencers, whose videos often seem spontaneous and off-the-cuff, will use a professional studio to achieve the quality they want. These people are often wizards with their phones and ring lights, but even they know that to be taken seriously, their videos need to look professional. One of the things you can’t buy is credibility, and credibility is everything in video marketing. 

There are hundreds of places in the Big Apple that offer quality NYC video production. If you are an influencer or are involved in marketing for brands, you know why it’s so important for your videos to look great. Customers are much more likely to engage you or your brand if there is video content attached to it. Add the credibility of a properly produced and engaging video, and you are much more likely to bring in new customers and even get existing customers to spend more money.


The common misconception about media production is that it has to be expensive to look good. That may be true for a gritty NYC crime drama, late night talk show, or a network newscast, but not necessarily with website video production. Many studios in New York can give you a competitive rate to rent their space, equipment, and expertise. That is the true value in investing in time with a professional studio.