What Is Incognito Mode?


At first glance, incognito mode may seem like a great way to stay anonymous while browsing the web. However, it is important to note that it does not make you completely anonymous. Your internet service provider (ISP) still knows which websites you are visiting, and your activity can still be tracked by advertisers and other third parties.

Do you know what incognito mode is and how to use it? If not, then you need to know the answers of these questions.

Incognito mode is a privacy mode for the Internet browsers. In this mode you don’t show any data of your browsing history, cookies, or your search queries. It will work only in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

If you have used this mode then you will be knowing that it’s really important. This feature is available in most of the browsers but if you don’t use this mode then you will lose your privacy.

How to Turn On Incognito Mode?

  • Go to settings.
  • On the left side, click on the advanced option.
  • Now click on the privacy settings.
  • Now you will see a popup box that has two options.
  • Click on the incognito mode
  • It will turn on the incognito mode.
  • If you want to disable it then you can also go to the same place and uncheck it.

What Does Incognito Mean?

Incognito means that your browsing history and your search queries are not saved in your computer.

So, if you use this mode then you won’t show anything when you share your browsing data to anyone.

What Are the Advantages of Incognito Mode?

  1. If you use incognito mode you won’t save your browsing history and search queries.
  2. Your browsing history and your search queries will not be saved in your computer.
  3. Your search queries and your browsing history are not stored in your computer.
  4. If you use this mode, you will save your privacy.
  5. This mode is helpful for the users who want to hide their browsing history and search queries.

What Are The Disadvantages of Incognito Mode?

  1. You won’t show anything in incognito mode.
  2. If you want to share your browsing history and your search queries with someone then you can’t use this mode.
  3. You can’t use this mode if you are using an Android device.

So, how can you use incognito mode to protect your privacy? 

The best way is to use it in conjunction with other methods, such as using a virtual private network (VPN) or the Tor browser. You can also use incognito mode to hide your activity from other people who may be using the same computer. To activate incognito mode, simply open your web browser and click on the “Tools” menu. From there, select “New incognito window” or “private browsing”. This will open a window with a black screen, and all of your browsing activity will be hidden from view. You can then browse the web as normal, but your activity won’t be recorded. It is important to note that incognito mode does not offer complete privacy protection. Your ISP and other third parties will still be able to track your activity, so it is important to use other methods in conjunction with incognito mode to protect your privacy.


In this post, I have discussed what is incognito mode and how to use it. I hope that you will learn something new from this post. So, what are you waiting for? Start using incognito mode and keep your privacy. Using Incognito mode is a great way to keep your browsing history, search queries, and other private data secure. It’s also useful if you have multiple users of the same computer and don’t want anyone else to see what you’ve been browsing. So, the next time you want to browse privately, remember to open an Incognito window in your browser of choice.