Key to promoting your online store on Instagram




Today the power of social networks is to promote your online business, to make yourself visible and to attract customers who are widely known. The most important are Facebook and Instagram. The two main powers are the solar system for social impact. Along with them, TikTok has begun to enter, although for the purpose we are talking about, we will focus on Instagram.

According to a study for Spain by the IAB, the world’s largest association for communication, promotion and digital marketing, Instagram is the social network that has grown the most in 2019 with a total of 49%, and mostly the women who use it the most.

Another insight that can be taken from this study is that those store brands or stores that have brands on Instagram that influence the customer, up to 72% of users follow in branding; there is a real level when it comes to promoting your products because it is one of the most important ways to sell. You have also chance to take advantages from SmmStore Canada to promote your online store.

But, what strategies can I follow to promote my fashion website on Instagram without getting hacked?

The first and most important thing is to create a marketing strategy to find out what we want to promote and how to show it to the public.

You should tell a story with your posts.

Use strong images with the right information, don’t spoil the text and you can add a field to improve user interaction. Forms, surveys, questionnaires, ‘level parcels’ … Remember that you are in a social network and it is important that the store and the customer are in constant communication.

Use hashtags.

It looks amazing but they do a good job on Instagram. This allows you to sort by interests, interests, brands, hobbies…etc. and users will find your information in an easier way, which leads to the promotion of our brands without spending a penny. Although on the other hand, we need to know that the indicators related to our industry are very good, since not everything reaches the public. It’s also not good to abuse symptoms. It doesn’t look good. More than 10 have already been abused.

Check out the matches and players you want to be like them.

Do not forget that your main goal is to reach as many users and attract as many customers as possible. One thing that can help you is to work with an accountant whose students are interested in your business, in this situation. You can carry, for example, a distribution for an article. In this way, you will get the most students at once and directly interested in your business, and in the long run the sales will change.

It is also recommended if you have an account posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Relax; it’s easy, because Instagram will do it for you. It is important that you segment this message by interest, age, demographic…etc. If we’re selling fashion and we don’t care to advertise to people who just want washing machines, that’s money lost.


Another important question is to select the products that you are promoting on your website.

In addition to trusting the customer because he sees that the bag is still available or can be bought, you are sharing many items on your website that will make your online store known.

With all these keys and the things you add from your own knowledge, you will have no problem reaching the most potential marketers for your website. At first the tasks will take a long time, but with practice you will do everything automatically, without having to do anything for you. And that’s all, you’ll get good results, and ultimately that’s the first goal when we set up our online fashion store.