How To Remove Black Magic And Save Yourself And Your Loved Ones


How To Remove Black Magic And Save Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Tantra-mantra, tricks, or removing black magic have been used for centuries. People do such activities to defeat their enemies. Not only this, people keep trying to control someone, give their illness or sorrow to others, create obstacles in others’ houses for the prosperity of their home, etc. through black magic. Sometimes it’s serious consequences come to the fore that people do not understand how this trouble or sorrow suddenly came upon them. The effect of black magic is not instant. It slowly shows its effect. Not only this, but this black magic also shows many symptoms, which if identified in time, then many problems and troubles can be easily avoided.


Effects and Symptoms of Black Magic


When someone becomes a victim of some black magic, then the behavior of that person starts changing. If you suddenly notice changes in any member of your family, such as irritable behavior and strange actions, it may indicate black magic.


Many times we feel very scared in our own house and we start hearing strange noises from the house, then it is possible that someone’s evil eyes have surrounded our house and due to jealousy, dark forces are leaving our house. You are given


When black magic is done to a person, it starts affecting his family and auspicious work starts getting obstructed.


If the green trees and plants planted in our house and the tulsi plants start drying up, then understand that some evil power has entered the house.


Sometimes it happens that a member of the house dies suddenly and the cause of the disease is not known, then the clear reason is that that member has been made a victim of black magic.


The appearance of bad and dirty things in the dream also indicates the harm caused by the dark forces.


Many times it happens that we do not pay attention to our work and we ourselves get exposed to our losses, this is also considered the effect of black magic.


remedies to avoid black magic


If anyone can rid us of these black powers and black magic, that is astrologer Chirag Daruwalla. Yes, only divine power can defeat the black power so take some measures to appease the divine power and stay safe from black magic.


  • Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa loudly every Tuesday because no black magic can enter the house before the divine power of Hanuman, the God of Kalyug.


  • When you go out of the house, wear Nakshatra and Hanuman’s idol around your neck… This will prevent any black shadow from following you on the way.


  • If you feel that your or your children’s behavior is changing, then take a lemon and rub it seven times on the body, remove it and throw it out. This will drive away the black eye and dark shadow.


  • Every day go to the temple and sprinkle some water in the house after offering water to Lord Shankar, by doing this impure winds will not enter the house.


  • Every day the cow should be frozen and black dogs should be given roti by sticking it with oil.


  • Donate rice to a beggar to drive out the evil forces from the house.



  • Plant aak and basil plants in the garden of the house.


  • Offer a whole betel nut to Ganesh ji daily and donate a bowl of food to the poor.


  • On Sunday, take the root of black Datura and make it a talisman and wear it to the victim.


  • Mix asafoetida in garlic juice and make the victim smell it.



  • Make an incense of cow’s ghee, yellow mustard, camphor, and Guggal and burn it at sunset with the help of cow dung cakes. Give this Dhuni in the house for 21 days.




Generally, black magic can destroy your life with the intention of harming you. So if you, your family, or your friends are constantly facing problems and are looking for some help, then you must talk to astrologers who will tell you how to avoid black magic.