Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

This guide will ensure you don’t miss out on any savings opportunities, even if you consider yourself a savvy shopper while shopping online. Read about Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online.

Online shopping is extremely convenient. Whatever you’re searching for online, it’s better than going all the way to the store only to discover they don’t have what you’re looking for. Whether you’re mindlessly scrolling after clicking on an Instagram ad or clicking through individual online retailers, it’s better than going all the way to the store. Online shopping is almost always a win-win, thanks to the abundance of free shipping offers available on all types of websites. Taking the time to check for deals isn’t difficult when you just click “add to cart”.

To make sure we’re saving money (and not just time) while online shopping, we asked shopping experts for their best secrets on how to lower those virtual price tags.

Looking for lower prices allows you to shop more freely. 

Consumer expert Andrea Woroch says, “Never buy anything online or in-store without comparing prices.” Using an online search with the product name and style number will allow online shoppers to compare prices quickly. “You never know when another store will offer a better price or if they’ll be having a sale.” She said. If you find the item you’re browsing at another site for less, a browser tool like PriceBlink will alert you with a pop-up,” she says. Having this information may allow you to find a bargain at a store you wouldn’t have looked in previously.”

Set sale alerts and check the price history

In addition to checking pricing history, Woroch suggests checking whether a deal you’re eyeing is in fact a good deal. Sites such as CamelCamelCamel.com and PayPal Honey provide historical pricing data to help you make informed purchases.

Retailers may try to fool you into believing that a particular sale is the best deal, but the pricing history will tell you the truth. “If you see that you can get a better deal by waiting,” Woroch says.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any discounts by using PayPal Honey’s DropList feature, which sends alerts when an item’s price drops below a certain amount.

Ask for a retroactive discount

After you make a purchase, you do not necessarily have to stop comparing prices. Check the store’s price adjustment policy if you know something went on sale after you bought it; some may allow you to get credit for the difference for up to two weeks,” recommends Woroch. To inquire about a price adjustment, she suggests using the online chat feature or contacting customer service.

Find coupons by searching 

Any online purchase can be made more affordable with a coupon. It’s extremely common for online retailers to offer coupons – this could be a coupon for free shipping or money to a new customer or email subscriber.

For a quick search, check out a deal aggregator like Pennycanny, which organizes coupons by store name. According to Woroch, the site also lets you know if a coupon has been verified so you don’t waste time trying expired coupons.